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We offer classes from the ages of 2 years to 18 years, please take a look at our timetable to find out when these take place throughout the week.


We work towards IDTA exams and show work routines throughout the year and provide a very high standard of teaching for our students. Tap consists of learning rhythm pattern, which is a great workout for the brain. Repeating, reversing and counting the rhythm patterns reinforces math concepts that you are learning in school



Our modern students can explore technical excerisises and exciting choreography in our lessons, alongside working towards their annual IDTA exams and show numbers. Modern improves muscular strength, endurance and coordination but taught in a fun and creative way to promote spatial intelligence, physical expression and imagination.


We note the importance of versatility within our dancers and offer a lyrical class for students from age 10 years. Lyrical is used as a form of storytelling throughout their movements promoting confidence, self esteem, personal expression and flexibility of the body and mind. 



Our ballet classes are taught by experienced teachers with great knowledge. We offer IDTA, RAD and Pointe work classes, working towards grades and also show routines. The intense physical workout of ballet releases endorphins giving students a real feel good factor, during and after class.


We work towards learning new skills in class to perform along side our other subjects. Acro is a great way to improve confidence. It is a safe space and a way to turn their energy into something positive and fun. It combines a whole range of physical and mental health benefits. 


We take great pleasure in announcing the arrival of our MT classes. Here our students will develop in Acting, Singing and Dancing all in one class. This unique platform combines acting, musicianship and dancing, taking us through emotional and musical dynamics. Musical theatre pieces have the power to inspire us, make us laugh and connect with our emotions on a deeper level.

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