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Our students are given the opportunity to compete at competitions around the world in a variety of styles in solo's, duets, trio's and groups. These opportunities help our students to gain performance skills and increase confidence that they can take with them in their chosen career paths. Our students have been very successful over the years in festivals with many going through to All England Regionals and Finals and winning Gold, Silver & Bronze medals at the Dance World Cup.

Stevenage Festival Results 2023:

Gold Medals - Isla & Darcie Tap Duet 88 Marks, Sienna, Darcie & Isla National Trio 88 Marks, Sienna & Delia National Duet 88 Marks, Darcie P Tap Solo 88 Marks, Sienna, Darcie & Isla Tap Trio 88 Marks, Darcie, Delia, Isla & Sienna Tap Quartet 89 Marks,

Silver Medals - Sienna Tap Solo 87 Marks & Darcie National Solo 87 Marks

Bronze Medals - Lexie-Mae MT Solo 86 Marks, Isla Tap Solo 86 Marks, Darcie A Tap Solo 85 Marks, Sienna Lyrical Solo 86 Marks, Sienna National Solo 86 Marks, Sienna Ballet Solo 86 Marks, Sienna MT Solo 86 Marks & Isla MT Solo 86 Marks

Royston Festival  Results 2023

Gold Medals - Darcie, Delia, Isla & Sienna Tap Quartet 90 Marks, Lexie-Mae MT Solo 88 Marks, Delia National Solo, Annie, Alana & Ivy National Trio, Senior Tap Group 89 Marks, Darcie P Tap Solo 89 Marks, Darcie, Isla & Sienna National Trio.

Silver Medals - Lexie & Annie Tap Duet, Lexie-Mae National Solo, Aimee & Lexie National Duet, Delia & Sienna Tap Duet, Delia & Sienna National Duet, Sienna National Solo.

Bronze Medals - Aimee, Annie W, Summer & Lexie MT Quartet, Sienna Tap Solo, Isla Tap Solo, Lexie-Mae Tap Solo, Isla & Sienna MT Duet, Maya National Solo, Sienna & Isla Tap Duet, Aimee National Solo, Sienna Ballet Solo, Sienna Greek Solo, Isla MT Solo

Cups - Friendship Award (Selected by Royston Committee) -Lexie-Mae. Inter Tap Solo - Darcie P. Senior National Solo - Delia. Highest Trio/Quartet - Darcie, Delia, Isla & Sienna

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